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The Statewide Public Guardianship Office defines guardianship as the process designed to protect the legal rights of individuals who lack the capacity to make their own decisions and have not made plans to address this possibility. A professional guardian adopts this responsibility for the incapacitated when family or friends are unable or unwilling to make these medical and/or financial decisions.

Professional guardians are court appointed and monitored closely by the local judicial circuit court to protect the ward and ensure accountability of the guardian.

Professional guardians may be either a “plenary” guardian, who exercises all personal, medical and financial rights appointed by the court, or a “limited” guardian who exercises only those select rights appointed by the courts. 


Elder Advocates may provide other services on a case-by-case basis, either in place of professional guardianship or to supplement the guardian’s assistance to the client and their family.

1. Personal Representative Services - In instances where no Will exists or is written with no personal representative designated or able to act, and an independent representative is preferred, Elder Advocates can serve as the Personal Representative. We will work closely with an attorney to go through the probate process and settle the estate in a timely fashion. By Florida law, the personal representative is entitled to 3% of the gross estate for these services.

2. Health Care Surrogate – If a professional guardianship is not required, Elder Advocates can serve in just a health care surrogate capacity. A client services agreement will be entered into by a legally competent adult to designate Liz Lyon-Hall as the decision maker for all health care decisions. The competent adult/guardian may revoke this appointment at any time as specified in the services contract or HCS legal documents. The fee for health care surrogate services is generated as an hourly fee, based on actual time spent.

3. Power of Attorney/Financial Manager – If a court-appointed professional guardianship is not necessary, financial management of the property may be elected on a voluntary basis through a client services agreement or through a power of attorney. Customized services for bill paying and financial management may include whatever level of involvement the client requests. The competent adult may revoke this appointment at any time as specified in the services contract. The fee for power of attorney or financial management services is generated as an hourly fee, for actual time spent.

4. Trustee or Trust Advisor – Elder Advocates may serve as a Trustee, Successor Trustee, or Trust Advisor. This service must be designated in conjunction with estate planning with your attorney.  The fee for trustee or trust advisor services may be a percentage or generated as an hourly fee or as specified in the trust documents.

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Professional Guardianship and the additional services available to the client must be tailored specifically to each individual. Just as every person is unique, every situation presents unique challenges and opportunities. Please consult with your elder law attorney and Elder Advocates to see how we can help you. 

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